The Landscape Diaries Garden of Obsession


Carole Avnet Rocherolle, younger daughter of the late Lester Avnet, founder of Fortune 500 Company Avnet, Inc., lures the reader into her refreshingly honest recollections of her 1950’s childhood and her reluctant journey into adulthood. The stories, whether heartbreaking or hilarious, are recounted with a sly insight into what role artful positivity and inner poise must play in a marriage/partnership.

This book concludes the tale of a young couple who discover a deeply shared passion and ultimately build a private garden, which tens of thousands of people have visited over the years, under the auspices of The Garden Conservancy. With more than 100 newly published garden photos, the pictorial essays of this 25-year commitment to a 56-acre private garden, are recounted in a voice that does not linger on the sentimental and sometimes painful challenges that life inevitably presents.

The tales of their 50-year marriage/partnership will capture your heart one more time.

Comments about the gardens:

“They have mastered the painting of flowingly cohesive living pictures throughout both woodland and meadows, using a mind-boggling palette of plants.”
~ Marco Polo Stufano of Wave Hill

“Such a landscape may sound like pure fantasy, but the real wonder is that it seems  almost natural, like a happy dream.”
~ House and Garden magazine, March 2006.

…a feast for the eyes, for the mind, and for the heart. It’s a marvelously entertaining romp, written by an iconoclast who, simply stated, farms beauty.”…– In The Landscape Diaries she’s brought in a bumper crop.”—Richard Cohen, columnist for The Washington Post 2007

“…a testament to the creative vision and the kind of garden that will grow when people follow their passions and walk to the beat of their own hearts.” –“Lexington Hearld-Leader (KY), June 9, 2007.

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