Shanti Bithi was founded in 1971 by Gangadhar (Jerome) and Gayatri Carole Rocherolle. They began their horticultural journey by opening a small country store and plant nursery. In 1973 their meditation teacher, Sri Chinmoy, gave their enterprise the name Shanti Bithi, which in Sanskrit means “The Path of Peace.”                           For over 40 years Shanti Bithi has been designing and building unique gardens.

In 1988 they began what became a 25-year project designing and building the Steinhardt Gardens (Iroki) in Mount Kisco, NY. It took a team of over 30 Shanti Bithi designers, horticulturists and stone masons who worked tirelessly to create this renowned American garden.

The story of Shanti Bithi and the Rocherolle’s creative partnership is recounted in The Landscape Diaries: Garden of Obsession (2007), and now in the recently published The Landscape Diaries Part Two (2018).

Shanti Bithi continues to work on inspiring and magical projects throughout the world.